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AlphaSmart Ships Classroom Management Software for Dana and Dana System Software Release1.5

Posted Jun 24, 2005
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AlphaSmart, Inc. has announced two new software enhancements that simplify the use of Dana and Dana Wireless computer companions in the classroom. AlphaSmart Manager for Dana (Windows version) now ships with all new Dana and Dana Wireless SmartOption Mobile Labs. This classroom management software enables educators to easily manage word processing files, settings and applications on up to 30 Dana devices at one time, according to the AlphaSmart announcement.

The company also announced that all new Dana and Dana Wireless computer companions will now include Dana System Software Release1.5. This built-in software enhancement provides wireless file access and network support for Dana Wireless models, enabling users to access and save AlphaWord word processor files stored on a campus network. In addition, several new features, utilities and applications have been integrated into the software to provide educators with the simplest "out of box" experience possible, the announcement states.

AlphaSmart will demonstrate its new software enhancements, along with classroom curriculum and assessment solutions for Neo and Dana, in Booth #2108 at the upcoming National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Philadelphia.

AlphaSmart's new management capabilities are now available for Windows-based computers and included with new Dana or Dana Wireless SmartOption Mobile Labs. Beginning in July, all new Dana or Dana Wireless computer companions ordered or shipped will include Dana System Software Release 1.5 built-in.

Customers who have purchased a Dana SmartOption Mobile Lab in the past will be sent information on obtaining the Windows version of AlphaSmart Manager for Dana this summer. Customers who plan to communicate with Dana in the classroom from a Macintosh computer can contact the company regarding availability of AlphaSmart Manager for Dana for Mac OS.

A download version of Dana System Software Release 1.5 is available as a free upgrade to all Dana customers who have a device with at least 16 MB of memory. The update is available on CD for a nominal media charge. Contact AlphaSmart at (888) 274-2720, or e-mail

Source: AlphaSmart, Inc.,

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