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Adobe Unveils New Digital School Collection for K-12 Classrooms

Posted Sep 28, 2009
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Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the new Digital School Collection for K-12 students and educators. The bundle includes the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for Windows, which offer new photo, video and podcasting capabilities that enable students to creatively express ideas through classroom projects. Using these and other tools in the collection – Adobe Contribute CS4, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Adobe Soundbooth CS4 – educators can inspire students to develop the problem solving, critical thinking, digital literacy and collaboration skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom and in the future workforce, the announcement states. Additionally, Adobe now offers netbook compatibility support for Photoshop Elements 8 (Windows) and Adobe Photoshop Elements for the Mac platform.


To equip educators with skills to use Adobe solutions in their classrooms, the collection includes a free Teacher Resource DVD with K-12 lesson plans, creative ideas, and quick tutorials to implement projects. These free teaching resources are also available online at Additionally, Adobe and Knowledge Network Solutions Inc. (KNS) together offer professional development courses that help teachers use the new version of Adobe Digital School Collection across academic disciplines.


Photoshop Elements 8 helps students learn creative communication and problem solving skills by enabling them to manage, edit, and share photos more easily, giving them more control over digital storytelling projects and multimedia presentations. The new Organizer, a media management hub, lets students manage their photos, videos, documents, ePortfolios, podcasts, and digital stories in one location. With Photoshop Elements 8, students will use their critical thinking skills to best express what they have learned through visually creative book reports or digital art projects, according to the announcement.


Premiere Elements 8 gives teachers ways to incorporate podcasting and video sharing into lessons. Students can create artistic videos with special effects features such as new video motion-tracking capabilities. Intelligent video editing features also help students develop future workforce skills when used to create professional-looking documentaries. Once students are finished with their photo or video projects, they can showcase them via the new interactive Online Albums templates allowing for collaborative review with peers and teachers. Podcasting is also now easier than ever to use with features that enable syndication publishing for audio/video content distribution and integration with Podbean, a free podcast hosting site.


These features, along with solutions in Acrobat 9 Pro, Contribute CS4, and Soundbooth CS4, give students the ability to integrate multimedia design, video, audio, animation, and web design into projects and ePortfolios that build necessary technology and critical thinking skills for future success.


The Adobe Digital School Collection will be available on Oct. 1, 2009 from authorized Adobe education resellers via volume licensing for $149. The standalone version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 software for Windows and Mac is $69. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 bundle for Windows is $119. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for Windows K-12 Student Licensing is $99. Additionally, the Adobe Digital School Collection and Photoshop Elements 8 will be available through Adobe’s hardware partners, Lenovo, HP and Dell. Further information is available at Prices listed are the Adobe direct store prices; reseller prices may vary.


Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated,

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