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Adobe Introduces Adobe Connect 8 Software

Posted Nov 2, 2010
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Adobe Systems Incorporated has introduced Adobe Connect 8, a significant update to the company's web conferencing solution. Designed to work as an independent system, or in conjunction with a learning management system, Adobe Connect 8 software enables presenters to deliver engaging, media-rich experiences-live and on-demand-to widely dispersed learners and colleagues. Based on the Adobe Flash Player software, the latest version offers powerful new features that provide a simplified user experience with a more intuitive interface, improved accessibility for better navigation, a new optional desktop client for enhanced online and offline access, and video conferencing integration.

Top Overall Features

*  Simplified user experience-Presenters and learners-on or off campus-can use Adobe Connect 8 more intuitively. With the new interface, users can more easily discover all available functions and features through better organization and prominent display of the most important and frequently used controls and capabilities.

*  Improved accessibility-Presenters and learners can navigate the Adobe Connect interface completely via keyboard. Several "hot keys" provide direct access to important functions and capabilities. Significant improvements in screen reader compatibility include JAWS and Window-Eyes support and accurate focus location tracking by screen-magnification software.

*  Video conferencing integration-Campuses, schools, and districts can maximize existing investments in video conferencing solutions by integrating their video telephony devices supporting SIP/H.264 with the Adobe Connect platform (for on-campus deployments only). With this new feature, meeting hosts now have the option of bringing a live audio/video broadcast stream directly into an Adobe Connect meeting room.

*  New optional desktop client-Presenters and learners can set up, manage, and access classes, lectures, workshops, and meetings more easily with the new optional Adobe Connect Desktop AIR client. Working from a campus or home office, presenters can invite participants to sessions right from their desktop. Students can use the desktop client to instantly search for archived Adobe Connect sessions, download those sessions, and play back recordings offline.

*  Integration with existing Learning Management Systems-Faculty and educators can access and manage online courses, meetings and trainings directly from existing LMS environments with Adobe Connect 8. Likewise, they can allow full participation by students or colleagues.

*  Media-rich, interactive material-Educators can quickly create and deliver course, training and teaching material that leverages existing content, and they also can quickly create interactive simulations. The software empowers faculty to concentrate on creating and delivering highly effective content-without having to worry about intricate and burdensome code.

*  Enhanced collaboration SDK-Users can write to more than 100 Adobe Connect APIs to customize the software's interface, extend security features, or add virtually any functionality to Adobe Connect. The new SDK also supports Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash technology, and Adobe ActionScript 3 for richer, more dynamic interactions between instructors and students, and more engaging online collaboration among training participants, project team members, and research partners.

*  Increased security features and compliance-Presenters can manage meetings, online classes, and trainings more securely than ever using new capabilities such as passcode-protected rooms and enhanced session management. Complete control over access, content and application sharing, and the display of potentially sensitive material can be exercised. Presenters can choose from hosted, on-premise, or managed-services deployment options, depending on the session and its security needs. Improved thin-client support enables rich-media collaboration in virtualized environments. A new Linux Ubuntu add-in provides full-featured meeting host capabilities.

To help get educators and administration up and running quickly, Adobe offers free online resources about Adobe Connect 8 software on the Adobe Education website and at the Adobe Education Exchange at, an online community of educators who contribute and share resources based on their use of Adobe software.

For more information on Adobe Connect 8 software in education, including pricing and availability, visit

Source: Adobe Education,

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