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Achieve3000 Releases Leadership Edition Digital Dashboard

Posted Dec 14, 2015
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Achieve3000 has released a new digital dashboard called Leadership Edition, which gives school and district leaders access to the timely, accurate and meaningful data needed to inform effective action plans and student placement in tiered intervention programs, according to their announcement. Designed to help educators gain a deeper understanding of the literacy needs of their various student populations, Leadership Edition presents key metrics such as student usage, performance, and progress towards college and career readiness in easy-to-read, visual formats.

Achieve3000 specializes in cloud-based, differentiated learning solutions for school-aged youth as well as adult learners. The company’s three most popular solutions – KidBiz3000 for grades 2-5, TeenBiz3000 for grades 6-8, and Empower3000 for grades 9-12 – all are designed to reduce teacher planning time by automatically delivering the same grade-appropriate lessons to the entire class, while simultaneously tailoring them according to each student’s Lexile reading level. Built-in reports then allow teachers and administrators to monitor student progress and forecast future performance at the click of a mouse.

Leadership Edition will further reduce planning time for reading specialists, curriculum coordinators, principals and other education leaders, the announcement states. Provided at no cost to schools and districts with active subscriptions to KidBiz3000, TeenBiz3000, and Empower3000, the dashboard provides a highly visual and easy-to-use presentation of student usage and performance data. Powerful, on-demand filters then help users to drill down and examine data at the district, school, teacher, or classroom level; identify trends over time and pinpoint any exceptions; make comparisons; and determine areas that need attention so they can make informed decisions about the instruction and resources that support student learning.

For example, school and district leaders can view the “Students on Track” metric – which identifies the percentage of students on track for college and career readiness – to locate any schools, grade levels, teachers, or classes that may need extra support. Using Achieve3000’s built-in reports, administrators can then work with teachers to develop a data-driven plan that identifies which students need more intensive instruction and targets the specific skills or standards that need to be re-taught or reinforced, so that all struggling students can get the intervention they need exactly when and how they need it. As a result, schools and districts will be able to get more students on track for success.

The dashboard also allows users to continuously monitor the health of their implementation and ensure that their Achieve3000 literacy solutions are being used with fidelity. For example, users can see at a glance if students are completing the recommended number of reading activities per week. If any classrooms are falling behind, instructional leaders can then remind teachers to increase the number of opportunities students have to complete the activities, ensuring that students are gaining the full benefit from educators’ investment in Achieve3000.

Source: Achieve3000,

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