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ASCD Publishes New Common Core Resources

Posted Sep 9, 2014
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ASCD has announced two new professional development publications and an ASCD Arias title to help educators to align instruction to the Common Core State Standards. These new resources provide tools, examples, and strategies designed to help students grow as effective writers, thinkers, and problem solvers while meeting the demands and guidelines of the new standards.

New Professional Development Publications

How to Design Questions and Tasks to Assess Student Thinking— Assessment expert and educational consultant Susan M. Brookhart offers guidance to educators on how to write questions and design tasks that effectively assess students’ ability to think at higher levels. With examples from all K–12 content areas, this book covers how to design multiple-choice questions, effectively use open- and close-ended questions, and adjust features of performance assessment tasks that target different thinking skills. Educators will also find Brookhart’s “idea bank” useful when creating assessments that encourage higher-order thinking. Read a sample chapter HERE. ($24.95 print; $23.99 e-book )

Tools for Teaching Writing: Strategies and Interventions for Diverse Learners in Grades 3–8 —Professor David Campos and education consultant Kathleen Fad focus on the underlying keys to successful writing instruction, examining eight research-based traits of good writing and providing 30 customizable strategies to improve students’ writing performance before they enter high school. This book provides a variety of tools and tips that accommodate the learning styles of diverse students, including English language learners, struggling readers, and students with disabilities. Read a sample chapter HERE. ($39.95 print )

New ASCD Arias Publication
An ASCD Arias publication is about 50 pages long and answers a crucial and timely "How do I . . . ?" question. Available in print and e-book formats, these titles contain original, stand-alone content that educators can read in one sitting and immediately apply to their practice. These convenient and succinct publications offer the expertise of education thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and researchers.

A Differentiated Approach to the Common Core: How do I help a broad range of learners succeed with challenging curriculum? —Differentiated instruction expert Carol Ann Tomlinson and ASCD Professional Learning Services Faculty member Marcia B. Imbeau provide a simple, eight-step process for creating and delivering lessons based on both the Common Core State Standards and the individual needs of students. Useful in all K–12 content areas, this practical guide will help educators reach students with varied levels of readiness, interests, and learning profiles and help them grow as thinkers and problem solvers. ($12.99 print; $6.99 e-book )

Visit to learn more about the short-format ASCD Arias imprint. To learn more about ASCD books or to read sample chapters from these and other publications, visit

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