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ASCD Introduces Enhancements to PD In Focus

Posted Sep 6, 2012
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ASCD has introduced version 2.0 of its PD In Focus online professional development tool. Based on research and user feedback, the enhancements in version 2.0 help teachers and administrators better meet their personal and systemic professional development goals. ASCD provides programs, products, and services that empower educators to support the success of each learner.

The PD In Focus tool provides educators with cost-effective, on-demand access to hundreds of hours of high-impact videos, plus related resources and activities. The program is designed to bring practical classroom applications to life, coupling examples from contemporary teaching with insights from some of the most important voices in education today. PD In Focus is web-based, so users can access it anywhere there's an internet connection, any time they need it-including from mobile devices and tablets.

Among the PD In Focus enhancements, which are helping personalize professional development and connecting users in communities of learning, are

  • Customizable channels. Users can now build custom PD In Focus channels and sub-channels tailored to their specific professional development goals.

  • New group discussion boards. Individual professional development can be extended even further with PD In Focus's group discussion boards. Educators can ask questions, leave comments, and connect with users for their perspective on the topics of interest to them.

  • Video comment tool. A new comment tool offers educators the opportunity to comment directly on the videos they see, providing another venue to continue the dialogue on PD In Focus's powerful content.

In addition, administrators will appreciate new features that can help them both better guide learning and improve accountability. Those new features include

  • Enhanced assignment capabilities. School or district leaders can personalize assignments for individual teachers and highlight portions of important video content to direct online discussions.

  • Automatic e-mail alerts. With PD In Focus's new e-mail alert feature, educators can receive instant updates on the status of assignments. Not only can administrators receive an email alert when assignments are finished, but they can also broadcast new assignments or assignment modifications to teachers.

  • Downloadable reports. School and district leaders are able to easily drag and drop user information to create reports that they can downloaded them in PDF, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word formats.

For more information about PD In Focus and ASCD's other professional development resources, visit For more information on ASCD's other programs, products, and services, or to join ASCD, visit

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