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ASCD Introduces ASCD Student Growth Center and the Center’s First Product, GoalWorks

Posted Mar 24, 2017
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ASCD has announced the launch of ASCD Student Growth Center, a joint venture between ASCD and Lee Ann Jung and Rich Ord, the former partners of Student Growth Works. ASCD Student Growth Center, which focuses on innovative and practical supports for students with learning differences, is based on Jung’s highly respected research, recommended practices, and in-school work. The Center will provide professional learning services and products, including software that supports goal setting, intervention design, and progress monitoring.

ASCD Student Growth Center’s new product, GoalWorks, was developed in response to schools’ need for meaningful goal setting to support student growth. Developed by Jung and based on more than 15 years of research and on-the-ground work in schools and classrooms, GoalWorks brings special educators and parents together as a cohesive team to write goals, develop plans of action, and monitor progress. It is a crucial, research-based support system for implementing the practices taught in Jung’s highly regarded professional learning services.

GoalWorks provides an accessible, intuitive, and smart online space for educators to use knowledge gained in professional learning to establish sustainable practices that help bridge the gap between IEPs and how students are supported every day in general education classrooms.

Built on a cloud-based platform, GoalWorks allows teams to set meaningful, measurable, and individualized goals; enter data anywhere, anytime, and from any device; monitor progress in real time; and easily interpret data, which is displayed on a color-coded map. This FERPA-compliant solution also helps improve communication among team members and parents.

For more information on ASCD Student Growth Center and GoalWorks, visit

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