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AOL@SCHOOL and Intellext Team to Launch Study Tool for Students and Teachers

Posted Jan 25, 2007
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AOL@SCHOOL ( and Intellext (, creator of contextual search software, have announced the availability of the AOL@SCHOOL Desktop Sidebar. Created using Intellext's next-generation Watson contextual search technology in conjunction with AOL@SCHOOL's search engine, the Sidebar has the capabilities of interpreting the topic the student is working on and automatically finding safe, age-appropriate, and relevant search results from AOL@SCHOOL's collection of the best K-12 education content on the Web, the announcement states. The AOL@SCHOOL Desktop Sidebar can be installed on school or home computers at no cost.

With the launch of the AOL@SCHOOL Desktop Sidebar, students and teachers are able to search the more than 48,000 sites that have been reviewed and selected by a team of experts, and receive a manageable list of high-quality educational resources. By using Intellext's Watson contextual search technology, the high-value content from AOL@SCHOOL resonates pro-actively without the use of regular search engines, according to the announcement.

Intellext's Watson, the product research technology conducted by co-founders Dr. Jay Budzik and Dr. Kristian Hammond at Northwestern University, removes the burden of search from the shoulders of computer users. By reading and understanding what people are working on and using that knowledge to proactively find and deliver useful information to the user, Watson is able to find information the user didn't know existed.

AOL@SCHOOL provides age-appropriate educational content, at no cost, from industry leaders including, NASA,,,, Will Interactive, World and I School, AMDG Online High School Courses, InfoSource, Immersion Presents,, and Headsprout, among many others.

Source: AOL,

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