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ABPathfinder Adds Data Collection Features to Its Data Management and Assessment Software

Posted Feb 17, 2014
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ABPathfinder, LLC, developer of special education and therapy management solutions, has announced a new group data collection features for its ABPathfinder data management and assessment software. Designed especially for special education and autism therapy, this purpose-built capability enables educators and therapists to log data and track progress for multiple students simultaneously.

Combining the new group data collection feature with ABPathfinder’s flexible online/offline input capability, users are able to record student data with or without an internet connection. The software collects, graphs and analyzes behavioral development data, recognizing patterns immediately and identifying focus areas for improvement. Offering support to all team members of a child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the ABPathfinder system reduces time spent on paperwork and other administrative tasks, so that educators and therapists are able to spend more time with each child.

ABPathfinder is available via Android and Apple devices, giving more educators and therapists the freedom to record group data in the classroom, or any other location they’re administering therapy. The software provides the flexibility to use customized therapy methods, and offers consistent training and technical support to the IEP team.

Source: ABPathfinder,

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