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ABC-CLIO Releases Latest Database, Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society

Posted Jan 16, 2007
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ABC-CLIO has announced the launch of its newest database, Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society. Combining authoritative research sources, inquiry-based teaching and study tools, and integrated current events aligned to social studies standards and curriculum, the new database helps users develop an understanding of how society shapes and is shaped by controversy, according to the announcement.

Produced in conjunction with leading scholars and educators, the database is designed to model critical thinking skills on controversial issues. The interface leads researchers through the intricacies of 150 current political, social, environmental, and criminal justice topics. Users can approach their research by broad reference category, subject, or single issue. Over 9,000 reference pieces are provided, including historical and interpretive essays, brief factual entries such as biographies, statistical data, and primary sources such as photos, audiovisual files, and documents. This material is intended to provide building blocks for discussions, debates, and assignments.

Each user will acquire the tools to analyze materials, to evaluate conflicting data, and to form well-reasoned conclusions on challenging social questions. With Issues, everyone from students to general researchers will find what they are looking for, learn to ask better questions, and draw more informed conclusions, the announcement states.

Source: ABC-CLIO,

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