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ABC-CLIO Launches Defining Moments Series

Posted Mar 10, 2009
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ABC-CLIO has launched its latest teacher resource, Defining Moments. The  34-part series of ready-made, easy-to-download lesson plans is designed to help social studies educators harness the power of alternative thinking and brings two innovative and engaging research tools to the classroom: the analysis of primary documents and the revealing speculation of alternative history.

The Defining Moments series covers the defining events of U.S. history in a way that satisfies curriculum standards. Those events include John Brown's Abolition Raid, the Civil Rights Movement, the Watergate Scandal, and the fall of the Soviet Union. Each Defining Moments learning resource features the following:

* A PDF lesson that focuses on a single, key event that was a turning point in history—a fork in the road after which the behaviors and fortunes of individuals, peoples, and places changed.

* A Need to Know section provides a more detailed discussion of the events leading up to and including the Defining Moment.

* A brief timeline is included for quick reference to specific events.

* A What If? section speculates what might have or could have happened had events within the Defining Moment turned out differently.

* Two critical thinking activities are included, each with detailed lesson objectives, materials needed, and specific instructions.

* Glossary terms and references provide helpful study support for students.


Each Defining Moments downloadable can be purchased for five dollars. With this new series, ABC-CLIO provides support to students as well as teachers, by giving students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of well-known events by working with real historical sources and by thinking critically about what happened and what might have happened, and providing educators the background information and resources they need to teach historical inquiry in a lively, authoritative way.

Source: ABC-CLIO,

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