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ABC-CLIO Announces “Think Out Loud” Innovation Grant Recipients

Posted Feb 10, 2015
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ABC-CLIO Solutions has announced the recipients of the 2015 “Think Out Loud” Innovation Grant. More than 40 educators from 26 states received access to ABC-CLIO Solutions 15 online curriculum collections to support the development and dissemination of best teaching practices when using technology to promote the authentic thinking skills students need for college, career, and civic life. The grant recipients will use the online resources to develop effective methods to assess students’ abilities to find, examine, and understand multiple points-of-view, synthesize disparate resources in a meaningful way, and present their own conclusions.

Each winner designed an innovative project to utilize ABC-CLIO Solutions content. Project themes include:

* Shifting from traditional learning to 100 percent digital curriculum

* Strengthening classrooms with blended, 1:1, and BYOD learning environments using robust curriculum

* Reinforcing strategies to improve practices in project- and problem-based learning

* Advancing inquiry-based learning through investigation and research

* Transforming online education with rich digital resources

* Supporting objectives related to STEM, STEAM, Next Generation Learning, C3 Framework, and Common Core State Standards by utilizing versatile, aligned content

In addition to developing their projects, recipients will document the challenges and progress of implementing technology to teach critical thinking, and provide a two-minute video summary of their work and its impact on student thinking and learning. To disseminate best teaching practices and scale the knowledge educators gained from the experience, ABC-CLIO will publicize the results after concluding the grant on June 30, 2015.

Throughout the grant period, recipients will have access to ABC-CLIO Solutions resources, and are encouraged to leverage technology and collaborate with other educators to boost student achievement. To learn more about the program, visit:

Source: ABC-CLIO,

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