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The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program

By Sally Finley - Posted Jul 1, 2010
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Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A

The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program

Company: PublicSchoolWORKS/WORKS International, Inc., 2010 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208. Phone: (866) 724-6650; Internet:

Price: The cost of an annual subscription begins at $1,000. For larger districts, the cost is 33 cents per student.

Audience: Grades 6–12

Format: Internet-based text, video.

Minimum System Requirements: A computer with an internet browser and internet access. Flash Player 7.0 or higher is needed to view the video materials; a link is provided to access this free plug-in.

Description: The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program provides online training and resources for teachers. Online videos can be used by the teacher to communicate with students about bullying and violence-related issues.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: No installation is required for this web-based program. The member area requires a login with username and password for access. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program includes a student bullying reporting system, a student safety reporting system, short online videos for students, and online training courses for staff.

The student videos include “Bullying - Beat Bullying” and “Bullying - Tell Someone.” These videos, featuring middle and high school students, address responses and coping mechanisms for dealing with bullying. The materials emphasize that students should tell someone about these situations and that bullying can be beaten. The audio component of the online materials will benefit ESL (English as a second language) students.

The videos can be used to provide an introduction to the topic of bullying to begin a discussion—either before or when issues arise in the classroom or school. After viewing the videos, students can create their own “products” to develop the topic and personalize it. These products could include computer presentations, panel discussions, posters, or brochures that could be shared with their class, school, or community.

The online staff courses include Bullying Prevention, Violence Prevention, Positive Youth Development, and Teen Dating Violence. The teacher training is provided in modules that administer a test at the end of each section.

The Bullying Prevention segment covers the definition of bullying, types of bullying, victims of bullying, the effects of bullying, cyberbullying, and how to develop a bullying intervention program.

The Violence Prevention material focuses on an overview of youth violence, how violence develops in youth, factors that influence violence, statistics related to school violence, and characteristics of safe schools. The program provides schoolwide and classroom interventions. Suggestions for managing conflict and tactics to de-escalate situations are provided.

The Teen Dating Violence section offers information on statistics, definitions, and types of dating violence; violence dynamics and effects; and how to recognize teen dating problems. The material provides ideas for school interventions and information on laws and liability.

The Positive Youth Development segment focuses on building student strengths. The course explains the concept of positive youth development, shares information about fostering healthy development, and offers ways to incorporate youth development into the classroom.

The educator training modules provide excellent strategies for developing a bullying intervention program. The elements of classroom meetings are clearly outlined; suggestions are included for community support and involvement. The issues on cyberbullying are timely and essential for all teachers to understand.

Teachers can participate in the online training modules at home or school at their own convenience. A printed transcript indicates module completion with scores on each post test.

Departments or teams can use the program for staff development. By working together as a team, educators can focus on interventions that would be of the greatest benefit to their student population.

A 24/7 online and telephone reporting system for concerns about bullying, violence, and other safety matters is available to users, including parents and students. The system allows anonymous or full-name reporting. Live attendants are available to take information and initiate contact with national crisis hotlines that may be able to help a student dealing with a personal emergency. Incident reports alert administrators as soon as a situation is reported. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Access requires a username and password. Students and teachers can use the program on any computer with internet access at school or at home. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Users can request support online or via the company’s toll-free telephone number. The toll-free telephone support is available 24/7. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program is designed to help classroom teachers better understand the issue of bullying. As they examine the dynamics of student bullying and violence, teachers will learn methods of intervention that can help eradicate bullying in schools.

I especially liked the program’s focus on positive youth development. The material provides ideas for best practices that support positive development and emphasizes curriculum differentiation, multiple intelligences, and meeting the social and emotional needs of the students.

Secondary teachers will find this program a valuable tool that clearly explains the issues related to the topics of bullying and violence. I highly recommend this program; it tackles a major problem in our schools in a professional and positive manner.

The statistics on bullying and school violence are alarming. This program serves as a valuable resource to provide teachers with instant access to information and interventions. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Sally Finley , Educational Consultant, Coral Springs, FL;

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