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Skyward Student Management Suite

By Sally Finley - Posted Nov 1, 2015
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Company: Skyward, Inc.; website:

Price: Call 800-236-7274 for pricing information.

Audience: K–12 administrators, educators, parents, and students

System Requirements: An internet connection is required for web access.

Description: The Skyward Student Management Suite is a student information system focusing on tools for office and administration, family engagement, student services, and the classroom.


Overall Rating:4 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support: A


Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: A passcode is required to gain access to the Skyward Student Management Suite. A login name and password are needed each time the user accesses the program. Family and Student Access is provided through a link on the school or district webpage. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Office and Administration provides tools for online enrollment, scheduling, curriculum management, report cards and transcripts, test bank management, and resource tracking. Office resources identify trends and provide built-in state reporting

Classroom tools offer a gradebook, attendance, behavior tracking, a course learning center, message center, lesson plans, and educator access.

Student services target special populations, responses to intervention, food service, health service, behavior management, college and career readiness, and activities. Student Access informs students of their progress through grades submitted by the teacher.

Family Engagement includes Skylert notifications, online course requests, family access, and a course learning center.

During the conversion process, a Skyward consultant finds out how procedures are currently being done, what works, what doesn't work, and then uses that information to build a program to fit user needs.

Downloads provide the latest updates for the Skyward software, including the most recent documentation and product information.

User Group and Special Interest Group services include agendas, custom reports, and updating contact information.

Skyward has more than 250 prebuilt reports that include common fields, filters, and sort options. A custom report writer allows unique analysis to fit district needs.

A special education module allows Information from Regular Education records to be automatically pulled into Special Ed records. Forms can be customized and reports can be run easily. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Skyward is easy to learn and use. Training opportunities help the user access useful information and resources. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Customer support includes service calls; scheduling classroom, online, or localized training; and a local sales representative. IT services provide technical information to keep the system running at peak performance. And the Skyward Academy provides training resources for ongoing staff development. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: The Skyward Student Management Suite is an excellent tool to manage classrooms and student information. Parents can stay informed about the progress of their student by accessing a Parent Link. They can locate schedules and classroom assignments through this program. I like the emphasis on parents taking a proactive role in their child’s education, and this software program provides this opportunity.

Reports, either created by the user or taken from a prebuilt bank, can be scheduled on a recurring basis for better access and communication. They can be created and printed quickly and efficiently.

Skyward is continually updating the software to meet the changing needs of the educational community. This attention to the current educational environment assures that students will be ready to pursue appropriate careers in the future.

A Chat feature provides technical support that helps the use save time in using the program in the most efficient manner.

Skyward streamlines many processes, thus saving staff time in many areas. If you are a school or school district looking for software that can manage your students, Skyward will definitely meet all your needs. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Sally Finley is an educational consultant in Coral Springs, Fla. Her email address is

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