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Skaffl, LLC

By Charles G. Doe - Posted Jan 1, 2015
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Company: Skaffl, LLC, 116 Research Dr., Suite 2204, Bethlehem, PA 18015; 610-849-5066; website:

Price: The basic package is free. A premium package is $12 per month or $99 per year. Schools and districts should contact the Skaffl, LLC sales team.

Audience: This app is intended for any classroom with students and teachers using iPads.

Format: This is an iPad app that can be purchased from the Apple app store.

System Requirements: The only requirements are a recent iPad and the correct app or apps and PDF, the Full Office Suite, and the Full iWork Suite. Some of these are not required for the Basic suite.

Other system requirements are an iPad 2 running iOS 7. Additionally, to make attaching documents to assignments easier, you should have a Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account where you store your documents.

Description: The Skaffl app is designed for iPad classrooms to allow teachers to distribute and collect assignments digitally. Students can complete their assignments and teachers can assess them all directly on Skaffl.

Overall Rating:4 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:B


Reviewer Comments:

Installation: Installation is standard and involves paying for and downloading the app from the App Store, then setting it up on the iPads. All is pretty standard for most iPad users. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: One of the bigger challenges facing educators is incorporating current technology into the classroom, and Skaffl provides a relatively easy way to do that if iPads are available.

Skaffl’s basic package, available after the 30-day Premium trial expires, is free until early 2015 and allows users to work with up to 150 student each, with as many as 100 assignments. Supported file types include PDF, full Office Suite, full iWork Suite, photo and video, web clips, audio, and many others.

Skaffl does all this in a variety of ways. Teacher features include creating a free
Skaffl teacher account; easy management of student names, classes, and passwords; class codes for students; and navigating a class calendar view. In addition, students can be added and class information can be edited. Further student work can be viewed in progress, assessed, and put on hold, allowing a student to resubmit their assignment.

Students can turn in assignments created outside of Skaffl and complete activities in Skaffl. Students can create student accounts and then join a Skaffl class and use the Student All Assignment View.

Teachers and students can distribute a graded activity and develop an activity from a document in another application on an iPad. Documents can be added to an activity, and handouts can be distributed to students. A Dropbox can be created for student work created outside of Skaffl.

Among many other features, Skaffl has an editor, and student assignments can be graded or resubmitted. All in all, this is a full featured, well-developed, and useful app that can be used by individuals or groups. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Skaffl is easy to use, with instructions and processes set up in a normal, accessible fashion. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: On the one hand, product support seems weak, with no contact information such as email or phone numbers. On the other hand, lots of good support information can be found at Product Support Rating: B

Recommendation: Skaffl is an excellent way to incorporate the use of iPads in classrooms. I highly recommend it for use in those using libraries. Highly Recommended

Reviewer: Charles Doe is a 39-year teacher, including 10 years as elementary media specialist in Hastings Area Schools in Hastings, Mich. For the past 15 years, he has written articles and reviews for Internet@Schools. (

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