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Room 21, from Super Star Learning

By Susan W. Hixson - Posted Sep 1, 2011
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Company: Super Star Learning, 520 Corte Loarre, San Clemente, CA 92674, (888) 481- 9452,

Price: The price for enrolling in Room 21 Online is $8 per pupil. Individual classrooms or entire districts have enrolled, and grants are available to assist with the cost.

Audience: Room 21 Online is designed for students in grades 4 through higher education. Currently, more than 30,000 students are participating in this program.

Format: Room 21 Online is a web-based program that guides teachers in designing online lessons and leads students to activities that encourage learning and demonstrating accomplishments.

System Requirements: Room 21 can be reached through the internet and accessed by computers or mobile devices. With just a username and a password, the projects, discussions, and assignments are waiting 24/7.

Description: Room 21 is an online learning management system designed to bring education into the 21st century. Students take online classes, and teachers design lessons to capture the spirit of 21st-century learning. Designed as a social learning platform, Room 21 provides tools for parents, students, principals, and teachers to collaborate, and it supports comprehensive skills needed to meet the challenges of the Common Core State Standards.

Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A

Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: Just log in, and you are ready to participate in learning online. If schools are online and their browsers are up-to-date, there should be no problem. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Room 21 is designed to enrich educational opportunities for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can enter to design lessons, share lesson plans, and collaborate with fellow teachers. Students log in with opportunities to create study groups and learn at their own pace using many styles of learning. Parents can see student work, connect with teachers, and set up discussion groups within the school.

Teachers use the template format to design classes. The template adds structure to the lessons and makes the activities of the class very clear for the learners. They first add a title and then a description of the assignment, with materials and objectives listed. Links are provided for content to be viewed or read. The grading rubric is available along with dates to begin and end the class. Each student’s work is saved in an online portfolio. Interaction with friends and teachers encourages peer review to enrich learning.

Room 21’s homepage is user-friendly and will lead to easy adaptation for students as they get started with the program. Along the top of the page is a dashboard listing the many options contained within the program. Classes are listed, assignments can be selected, and grading includes the rubrics for evaluation. Vision Board is a graphics software that creates a visual statement using photos and drawings. Photos can be put into an album. Video and messages all lead to creative ways to fulfill an assignment. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Once teachers are comfortable with the tools and strategies for creating creative and collaborative lessons, students will respond quickly to the tools and assignments. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: An extensive tutorial is available to introduce teachers and students to the program. On-site instructional training is available for maximum success. Customer support and training are also available 24/7. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: Room 21 Online is a superbly designed and organized tool for teachers to embrace. The program incorporates the current theories on how to approach teaching with collaboration between learners as well as the option to complete the assignment in many creative and original formats. I encourage you to visit the website and explore the opportunities available with Room 21. Check out the grants and see if this fresh approach to learning would benefit your students. Highly Recommended.

Reviewer: Susan W. Hixson, educational consultant; (480) 837-7803;

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