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By Sally Finley - Posted Mar 1, 2017
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Company: EMC Publishing, 875 Montreal Way, St. Paul, MN 55102; phone: 800-328-1452; fax: 800-328-4564; email:

Price: An account manager location is available online to provide pricing options.

Audience: K–12th grade educators and students

System Requirements: Recommended minimum system requirements include supported internet browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, and Safari Mobile. System Check analyzes the user system to advise the user if required tech requirements are met.

Description: Passport is a world language learning environment based on a research platform that allows teachers to assign classwork and track and report student progress.

Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support: A


Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: Access is provided through a web browser. The latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat plug-ins are necessary for Passport to run smoothly and are available online. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Passport offers an intuitive multimedia interface that shows assignments, quick views, due dates and instructor feedback. It has six sections: Discover, Create, Expand, Share, Perform, and Report. Content is developed using state standards.

Student and Teacher User Guides provide information and guidance pertaining to the use of this program. Both content and programs can be accessed with a single click. Student views can be customized.

Students connect to core curriculum via textbook, workbook, video, and audio. Cultures are explored through virtual tours, news articles, video documentaries, and music.

EMC products include activity books, albums, classroom fun, classroom technology, DVD programs, ebooks, games, readers, resources, and a textbook. Content is available in print and digitally. Students can engage with peers using video-based discussions.

Evaluation is accomplished through video evaluations. Reports can be customized using easy-to-export graphs and charts. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: A membership plan is required to access the various aspects of this program. Passport is compatible with all laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop devices. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: FAQs, User Guides, Training Videos, Training Webinars, and 24/7 Chats are available online at Technical support provides user help through email and direct phone assistance. Email support is available Monday through Sunday at

Video tours of instructor pages provide information on courses, assignments, grades, and resources. In-Depth Tutorials assist the user with using grades in Passport, assigning, and Passport Courses and Resources. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: Passport in an innovative world language learning program that allows teachers to easily assign classwork, track student progress, and report results to parents or school districts using a research-based platform. I like the idea that students are immersed in their target language and culture, while teachers measure progress through performance-based tasks and assessments using customizable, easy-to-export graphs and charts.

Teachers can tailor information for various learning levels within one class and provide personalized feedback. Students learn world languages online through real-life communication, cultural immersion, performance-based tasks, and project-based learning.

Learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime on a variety of technology tools, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Passport automatically syncs progress between web and mobile devices.

The program delivers language and culture immersion experiences in an environment where text and technology are integrated, catering to the 21st-century student. Passport supports student-directed, project-based learning. It provides students with a deeper understanding of language and culture through projects that are engaging and fun.

If you are looking for a language program that supports student-directed, project-based learning, Passport will provide you with an excellent language teaching tool. This is definitely one of the new tools available to help today’s students become fluent in more than their own home language. Highly Recommended

Reviewer: Sally Finley is an educational consultant based in Coral Springs, Fla. Her email address is

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