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Net Texts Content Management System

By Charles G. Doe - Posted Nov 6, 2013
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Company: Net Texts, 126 East 56th St., 30th Floor, New York, NY 10022; 212-207-4790; email:; website:

Price: For information on pricing, contact Net Texts at The software app and the initial content management site are free, with sliding fees charged for various consulting services.

Audience: Net Texts is aimed at students of any age and grade level who are computer-literate and who read well enough to take full advantage of the material. That definitely includes middle school and older students and may include some upper elementary as well.

It is intended for use with programs with one computer to every student (1-to-1 ratio) as well as blended learning environments, flipped classrooms, and traditional classrooms infusing more technology into core content areas.

Format: Net Texts includes both a content management system and apps for using texts on laptops, Android tablets, or iPads. Texts are multimedia materials and include both location and web-based materials including videos, slide shows, ebooks, PDFs, text, audiobooks, and web links.

System Requirements: Net Texts requires an internet-enabled laptop, an Android tablet, or an iPad complete with a browser and as-fast-as-possible internet access.

Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A


Description: Net Texts is a series of textbooks and a management and development system intended to supplement or replace textbooks, thereby saving money and taking advantage of student fascination with and involvement in current technology.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: Installation is easy and a matter of setting up accounts, developing or selecting texts, and placing needed apps and other software on student laptops, Android tablets, or iPads. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Student fascination with technology and social media as well as economic forces are moving schools to electronic, interactive textbooks in education. Net Texts offers an excellent management system as well as textbooks or open educational resource (OER; free shared teaching and learning materials) resources for preparing their staff to fill this growing need.

Net Texts has more than 40 ready-to-use texts that can replace or supplement traditional textbooks. These can also serve as a framework for individual teachers to modify texts to bring them into line with local programs. They also have a large collection of curated, innovative collections of OER materials. Teachers can also find their own materials from other sources on the internet.

The Net Texts site has more than 50,000 resources in the form of slide shows, videos, and other digital resources. They are from leading OER providers such as the CK-12 Foundation, Khan Academy, and Project Gutenberg, organized by subject, grade level, objectives, and standards.

Among other Net Texts services are hands-on assistance throughout the year, webinars, and on-site training sessions about how to use the website. They also help teachers in building courses and finding the best educational resources.

Users need to remember that a 1-to-1 student-to-computer ratio is an absolute must, and not all OER resources are as polished as commercially prepared, fee-for-use materials. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: All materials require computer literacy to effectively use and may require some training for younger users, but it is clear and easy to use beyond that. In this case, computer literacy includes social media familiarity as well. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Support is outstanding and includes lots of online materials such as videos, webinars, and tutorials. In addition, contracted services including training and support are available as needed. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: In these times of social media, technology infusion, and limited resources, Net Texts offers an outstanding supplement or alternative to textbooks. I highly recommend it for all high school, college, and many middle school situations. Highly Recommended.

Reviewer: Charles Doe ( is a 39-year teacher, including 10 years as elementary media specialist in Hastings Area Schools in Michigan. For the past 15 years, he has written articles and reviews for Internet@Schools

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