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LearningStation Insight

By Sally Finley - Posted Mar 1, 2013
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Company: LearningStation, Inc., 8008 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 210, Charlotte, NC 28226; 888-679-7058; Website:

Price: Pricing is available by contacting LearningStation, Inc. at 1-888-679-7058.

Audience: District administrators, school administrators, and teachers

Format: Runs on iPads, iPods, iPhones, and other mobile and tablet devices.

System Requirements: PC: Windows XP or later, 233 MHz Processor, 512RAM, 200MB hard drive space, browser IE 8 and above and Firefox 10 and above. Mac: OS 9.x or later, 233 MHz Pentium PPC/G3/G4 Processor, 512MB RAM, 200MB hard drive space, Firefox 10 and above.

Description: LearningStation Insight provides educators with a tool that can create assessments aligned to state standards, can identify achievement gaps, and can access aligned resources for immediate remediation. Student progress is monitored through daily and weekly reports.

Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: Installation requires a subscription to the service. Devices must be available for students and teachers. Teacher training is essential and a question bank must be available before the program can be used with students. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Insight Reports offer three ways to look at Assessment results. Item Assessment provides an analysis of how students performed on each question. Student Proficiency shows the overall student scores and identifies which students need help. Standards Assessment shows how students performed on each standard and identifies students who need improvement.

Reports are presented as graphs, tables, and representations and can be exported to PDF and Excel. District, school, and class averages can be used for in-depth comparison. Reports can be sent home to parents or shared at conferences.

Customized question banks can be created and aligned to standards. Assessments can be assigned by grade level, school, course, teacher, or classroom. Instant access to progress is available to school, teacher, class, and student.

The browser-based platform provides access anytime, anywhere. All data is saved to a central location, not the individual hard drive. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Initial use will require time to build a question bank and train both teachers and students in the use of the devices that will be utilized. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Support is available through the website, FAQs, email (, or phone (888-705-3276). Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: LearningStation Insight offers an effective way to integrate assessment and intervention in the daily classroom activities. Tests can be created in minutes. Assessments in the form of quizzes, tests, and benchmark assessments can be taken anywhere at any time, providing opportunities for remediation and differentiation. With the emphasis on Common Core State Standards, LearningStation Insight will provide an effective tool to measure if the curriculum is appropriate and rigorous.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to offer the assessments, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Results can be seen by the teacher while the test is still being taken, making it easy for the teacher to identify achievement gaps. Targeted intervention can be assessed for the entire class or an individual student. Resources can be accessed within seconds of assessing student needs. Question banks can be created at the district, school, or classroom level and can draw from other item banks for test creation.

A question counter shows which questions have been answered and which need to be completed. This is particularly useful if questions were skipped during the testing session. LearningStation will provide teachers with the opportunity to provide assessment and interventions on a daily level. Highly Recommended.

Reviewer: Sally Finley is an educational consultant based in Coral Springs, Fla. Email:

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