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Knowledge Adventure Activity Builder

By Susan W. Hixson - Posted Jan 1, 2008
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Located online at:  

Company: Knowledge Adventure, Inc., 2377 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 302, Torrance, CA 90501. Phone: (800) 871-2969. Internet:  

Price: $50 per teacher for a yearly subscription. Volume discounts are available.

Audience:  K–12.

Format: Online program: text, graphics.

Minimum System Requirements: A computer (Windows or Mac) with an internet connection and a current browser. The program runs best with Internet Explorer 5.5, which can be downloaded for free.

Description:  Knowledge Adventure Activity Builder provides premade activity masters and helps teachers design original activities for their classes. The site contains many pages of predesigned activity sheets for teaching and skill practice for students of all ages.

Report Card *****

Installation A

Content/Features A

Ease of Use A

Product Support A

Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access:  This online program loads easily with the click of a button. A username and password are required. I logged in with a FireFox browser and the program worked fine.

The opening page offers initial set-up instructions for PC and Mac systems. The instructions also illustrate how to configure the printing margins for both systems. Users are shown how to set all margins at .5" and turn off headers and footers. Installation/Access Rating: A

Content/Features: Knowledge Adventure Activity Builder provides a variety of online tools that help teachers create unique and appropriate worksheet activities. A variety of support options walk educators through the process of creating activities, word and math cards, and databases.

At the time of this review, the site’s Masters section included black line masters in six categories—calendars, creative writing pages, games, graphic organizers, math, and mazes. Each category contained hundreds of subcategories. The section also included four lesson plans linked to national standards—Basketball and Other Fun Words, Probability Plus, Shopping Spree, and Weather Today, Weather Tomorrow. The lessons were detailed and ready to print and implement using the black line masters.

A clock page provided clock-related activities. There were pages of money that could be printed and used for sorting and counting. Sets of flash cards could be made for home use for the practice of math facts. Lined pages could motivate creative writing with line widths appropriate for students of any age.

In the graphic-organizers section, I counted 33 pages available to print and use. The list included Venn diagrams, timelines, plot diagrams, main-idea pyramids, KWL charts, and more, all ready to be integrated into lesson plans.

The "3 Easy Steps" section on the opening page is direct and efficient. The feature walks teachers through activity building. A lengthy roster of activities is provided, including alphabetization, Bingo, Concentration, matching, and puzzle cards. 

Lists can be created for spelling practice or for use in a bingo game featuring new vocabulary by simply typing in words, selecting a template to alphabetize, and making a word search or bingo card with the selected words. 

There are many lists of word endings, phonics groupings, and pictures that can be selected and used in the many activity formats. Creating black line masters was never easier. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: This web-based program is simple to set up and use. An extensive list of Help options can be found on the opening page. The 3 Easy Steps button scaffolds users as they create activities. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Knowledge Adventure Activity Builder provides a variety of product-support files on the opening page, including an FAQ document, directions for each type of activity, and lists and examples of activities Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation:  Knowledge Adventure Activity Builder is a wonderful tool for teachers to use. Educators need work sheets every day—graph paper, a graphic organizer to compare and contrast an idea, math practice on a new skill, and more. Building your own materials will keep you in charge as you focus your curriculum and work to master state standards. Many of the predesigned pages are specifically aimed at testing success.

I highly recommend using this website to create activities that will support your lessons. The new materials will integrate easily with the lessons you use each day.

Reviewer: Susan Hixson, Integrating the Internet, educational consultant.

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