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Drawp for School

By Charles G. Doe - Posted May 1, 2014
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Company: Moondrop Entertainment, 156 2nd Street, Suite 419, San Francisco, CA 94105; phone: 205-201-1897; website:; Facebook:; Twitter:; Pinterest:; Google +:

Price: A free version of Drawp for School allows teachers to create a class and share up to three assignments. Annual subscriptions are $39.99 to $99.99 for multiple classes with unlimited assignments. Purchase and download Drawp for School from Apple iTunes:

Audience: Users are those old enough to use required devices to complete work in nearly any subject area. Even very young children could do material prepared by a parent or teacher with some supervision.

Format: Drawp can be used on an iPad or any computer utilizing cloud-based storage. An Android version is in the works. Many features are available for teachers to use online as well. Installation on devices enables both teachers and students to use Drawp nearly anyplace at any time. Drawp has tools which enable and encourage collaboration.

System Requirements: Use with an iPad with iOS 6.1 or later. An Android app will be available in spring 2014. It also works with Macintosh or Windows computers.


Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A


Description: Drawp for Schools is a children’s iPad app that fosters self-expression and communication. Using the app, kids can create and share art using creativity tools and the app’s SimpleShare technology.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: Installation includes downloading the iTunes app so Drawp for Schools can be installed. Teachers can set up classes, manage them, and design assignments online or on their devices. Installation/Rating: A

Content/Features: STEM + Art = STEAM is a movement supported by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and stands for inserting art and design into core curricular classes, which include science, technology, engineering, and math. It refers to the art/design combination as the “art of critical making.”

Drawp for Schools is an excellent program for this process as it combines art and management tools so that teachers can create highly visual assignments and post them online for students to complete using many of the same tools. Teachers can even include verbal instructions or comment through the use of “voice stickers” pasted anywhere on the project.

Drawp uses an innovative whiteboard interface called “enhanced digital paper” that includes features such as audio, painting and photos. Drawing software is sophisticated, using more than 200 paints and unique graphic textures. With those, Drawp is an excellent tool for art classes that is also specifically designed for use in all classroom subjects.

Excellent teacher classroom management tools enable using even one device with multiple students for individualized work. Collaboration is encouraged through “SimpleShare Technology” that facilitates sharing.

Assignments created by the teacher and completed by students are automatically saved to the cloud and don’t even require email to turn in. Text and photos can be added from several sources. Drawp for Schools is an excellent way to implement digital technology into classrooms by making what teachers already do easier, faster, and more efficient. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Drawp is straightforward, with clear instructions, and is relatively easy to use either as a way to design assignments or to do them. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Drawp does not appear to have the usual online support. However, program instructions are clear and intuitive and email, and chat help are available. Also some help is available via social networking, where ideas and some problems are discussed. Excellent online videos are a help as well. Product Support Rating: A-

Recommendation: Drawp for Schools is an excellent way to insert art and design into core curriculum through technology. I highly recommend it at all grade levels. Highly Recommended

Reviewer: Charles Doe ( is a 39-year teacher, including 10 years as an elementary media specialist in Hastings Area Schools in Hastings, Mich. For the past 15 years, he has written articles and reviews for Internet@Schools.

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