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Classworks Web Edition

By Sally Finley - Posted Sep 1, 2009
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Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A

Company: Curriculum Advantage, 3885 Crestwood Parkway, Suite 200, Duluth, GA, 30096. Phone: (888) 841-4790. Internet:  

Price: The pricing begins at $20,000 per site or school for a perpetual and unlimited site license. Discounts are available for district purchases.

Audience: Grades K–12.

Format: Internet-based program with text, audio, video, graphics, and animated clips.

Minimum System Requirements: A computer with 18GB available hard disk space and 4GB RAM running Windows 2000/2003/2008/Windows Vista or Netware 5.1.SP 8, Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0, and a CD/DVD-ROM drive. Cookies must be enabled, and plug-ins are required.

Description: Classworks Web Edition is an online subscription service that provides individualized standards-based instruction in math, reading, language arts, and science. Each lesson is interactive and geared to specific learning styles.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: Access is acquired by logging in with a username and password. Gaining access is simple and quick. Installation/Access Rating: A

Content/Features: Classworks Web Edition updates and brings to the web a learning program that has been available and popular for many years. The program offers content delivered through more than 17,000 activities drawn from 285 top software titles from companies such as Knowledge Adventure, Scholastic, Tom Snyder, and Kaplan.  

State editions are available to address the specific requirements of state curriculum and high-stakes tests. At the time of this review, state editions were available for Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

All of the lessons are organized in the same format: a minilesson, instructional activities, remediation, quick quizzes, and projects designed to extend skills.

A placement test identifies each student’s starting point. Assessment tests measure student skill progress to assist the teacher in determining who needs additional practice and in documenting student progress and skill mastery.

A management feature allows teachers and administrators to plan and assign instruction and to assess and evaluate student progress. Teachers automatically receive student pro­gress reports. A district summary provides information about student performance, including the number of completed activities, average score, and time spent on task.

Group summaries are available for work completed, skills summaries, and standards-based instruction to note student achievement. A search engine helps teachers find activities by publisher, keyword, state standard, district pacing guide, learning style, or grade level.

Classworks Web Edition can be used in the classroom as a center for individualized instruction, with whole group instruction using an Interactive Whiteboard, at an afterschool program, at summer school, and with English as Second Language, drop-out prevention, and special education students.

The program offers differentiated instruction that meets growth targets. The study units are based on state standards that can be used with students above, below, and on grade level. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: The program is straightforward to use. Once the system is installed, access is provided through a user login and password. The homepage contains a menu bar that lists classes, students, instruction, assessment, reports, and administration. A Help Center feature provides concise explanations to assist the user. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: A variety of support options are available to subscribers: toll-free telephone support, online technical support, product updates, updated state sequences, districtwide reporting, discounted professional development, training, and on-site technical support. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: Classworks Web Edition provides extensive instruction in specific skill areas designed to raise achievement at all levels. A search engine helps teachers easily find activities appropriate for each child. When a student is not succeeding, an alert is sent to the teacher so that remediation activities can be assigned.

One of the strongest features is the placement test that automatically creates individualized lesson plans for each student after a simple import of student high-stakes test results. The teacher has the ability to provide customized content to every child based on his or her unique learning style.

One essential advantage of this online edition of the program is that product updates automatically appear on the website. There is no need for a school technician to manually update the program and perform maintenance on a regular basis.

The management feature makes it easy for the classroom teacher and school administrator to track the progress of individual students. In these days of high-stakes testing, a program such as Classworks Web Edition can be a valuable tool to prepare students for these important tests. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Sally Finley, Educational Consultant.


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