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CIBS-R Management System

By Charles G. Doe - Posted Sep 1, 2004
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Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A

Online Location:
For the actual log-in screen, go to
Source: Curriculum Associates, Inc., 153 Rangeway Road, North Billerica, MA 01862; Phone: 800/225-0248; Fax: 800/366-1158; E-mail: cainfo@
Access Fee: Subscription fees vary. As an example, access to CIBS-R Online for my district with five elementary buildings and a middle school is $134.95 per building for the first year (for two to 10 buildings). Annual renewal is $101.95 per building (for two to 10 buildings). The subscription fee covers unlimited use by anyone in the building.
Audience: The CIBS-R Management System was developed for users of the BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills--Revised (CIBS-R). Teachers, administrators, psychologists, clinicians, diagnosticians, counselors, and others involved in the special education process in preK-9 settings will find the management system extremely useful. Of course, those who don't use the test won't want to use the management system.
Format: CIBS-R Online is a Web-based, password-accessed subscription service that provides a management system for testing and evaluating specific student skills and keeping track of progress from one year to the next.
Minimum System Requirements: A computer with an Internet connection and Web browser.
For Windows: any PC with Windows 98, 2000, or XP.
For: Macintosh: OS 9 or higher.
Also, Internet Explorer 5.2, Netscape 6.2 or Safari 1.0 for Macintosh OSX or higher. The browser needs to be configured to accept cookies and it must be JavaScript-enabled.
To view reports in Excel, Microsoft Excel must be installed on the computer. To view reports in PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Acrobat Reader is free and instructions are provided to download the Reader if you don't already have it.
Description: The CIBS-R Management System is basically a Web-based student record book, scoring sheet, scorer, and performance tracker for student progress as measured by the BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills--Revised (CIBS-R). Responses can be recorded on paper, then entered in the management system, or entered directly into the management system as the assessment is given. Individual testing becomes especially easy if the person administering the assessment has the student sitting beside a desktop or laptop computer while the test is given.
Reviewer Comments:
Installation/Access: There is no real installation and access is as simple as paying the fee, getting the password, and going to the Internet. The site is well designed and contains no unnecessary visuals or sound to slow access or use. Installation/Access Rating: A
Content/Features: Since the CIBS-R Management System can only be used with the BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills--Revised (CIBS-R), I'll begin by briefly describing the assessment itself. The criterion-referenced inventory offers normed/standardized testing options in some assessment areas.
The inventory is extremely flexible and can assess any of the 154 areas that teachers or other personnel decide are necessary.
Each skill section has step-by-step instructions; the results are expressed in terms of mastered or not mastered. The inventory can be used for readiness assessment, pre-testing, or measuring student progress. It produces composite scores for basic reading, reading comprehension, written expression, listening comprehension and math, and an "information processing" score. A number of reports can be generated with the information.
The test can be scored using materials that can be purchased with the test; results and progress can be tracked with the usual paper filing methods. However, the easy-to-use CIBS-R Management System makes the entire process far simpler. The raw data can be entered online, either from the paper test form or directly as the test is being given.
The CIBS-R Management System generates a raw score for each assessment and creates reports that included quotients, percentiles, age-equivalents, grade-equivalents, and instructional ranges for individuals and/or groups.
The CIBS-R Management System automatically generates composite scores for skill areas like reading, writing, and math. The Online Student Record Book uses a color-coded tracking system to present a clean and complete student history for each assessment that can be saved from one year to the next to chart progress. Reports comply with state and federal mandates; the assessments were developed using state and federal subject standards.
The system generates reports including lists of BRIGANCE goals and objectives for any assessment recorded using the online Record Book. The list can be edited, printed, or exported for use in an individual education plan. Standardized reports display percentiles, quotients, grade equivalents, age equivalents, and instructional ranges available for those assessments that have been validated in a national study by Curriculum Associates.
Assessment reports generated by department or age group can display standardized scores for groups of students who have taken the same assessment. Users may view individual and class assessment histories, create printable reports of Record Book pages, and manage instructional objectives in Record Books. The reports may be printed or exported into Microsoft Excel.
In general, the CIBS-R Management System also can maintain a student's testing history, track progress on goals and objectives in individual education plans, or manage instructional objectives for groups of students. An online tutorial is available for those who need it, however, experienced computer users probably won't need to access it. This is an outstanding, easy-to-use product. Content/Features Rating: A
Ease of Use: Using the CIBS-R Management System is simple, due to its intuitive and logical design, on-screen prompts and help, and the excellent manual. The Web site's navigational links are clear and easy to use. Ease of Use Rating: A
Product Support: Support includes phone support between 8:30 and 5:00 p.m., 5 days a week. However, the site is so well designed that little support will be needed. Most buttons have a clear explanation right beside them of what they do. Clicking "Help" at the top of the screen will bring up an excellent help section in a separate window. These features--and the excellent 29-page manual that can be downloaded and printed from several places on the site--are all that most users will need. Product Support Rating: A
Recommendation: I recommend this outstanding tool for anyone involved with children in special education situations, or with students being considered for special education. The test and management system is an excellent tool for classroom teachers who need to assess student needs or progress. Outstanding!
Reviewer: Charles Doe, Media Specialist, Hastings Area Schools, 509 S. Broadway, Hastings, MI 49058; 616/948-4423;

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