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Britannica School

By Sally Finley - Posted Mar 1, 2016
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Company: Britannica Digital Learning, Chicago, IL 60654, (800) 621-3900; fax: (800) 344-9624; email:

Price: Britannica School is available as a subscription. Call (800) 621-3900 for pricing information. A free trial is available from

Audience: K–12

Format: K–12. Three levels are available: elementary, middle, and high school.

Minimum System Requirements: Access to the internet

Description: Britannica School is an online, interactive learning resource with up-to-date information sources.


Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support: A


Reviewer Comments:

Installation/Access: Access to Britannica School requires registration through a subscription. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Britannica School includes articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended websites, and three separate encyclopedias.

The user can change font size for easier reading, refer to a pop-up dictionary, and access the read-aloud function. Articles can be translated into 50 different languages. A Content Collection function groups related pieces of content for activities and projects.

Ready-made lesson plans help teachers adapt or review content. Lesson Plan Builder enables educators to create their own projects. Resource Packs provide pre-collected content on a specific theme or topic, while Search Tools for the high school level include At a Glance, Popular Searches, and Advanced Search. Links to other Britannica sites include Image Quest and Pathways Science. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: The homepage promotes self-guided discovery and inquiry. Britannica School can be used on whiteboards, tablets, smartphones, and computers. The environment is easy to navigate. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: Users can send online support requests. Support is available by phone, and a Frequently Asked Question section provide answers to common questions asked by users. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: Britannica School is an excellent research tool for both students and teachers. From fun facts to research, content is continually updated by experts around the world. Content is up-to-date, curriculum-based, and aligned to Common Core standards. Students and teachers can access and share information anytime and anywhere using whiteboards, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Britannica School is based on inquiry learning, which actively engages the learner. It can be utilized in differentiated instruction for students of all ages and all abilities. One of the strongest features is the ease in which content can be represented for elementary, middle, and high school students. With a single click, content can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the learner in terms of complexity. This is an excellent tool to use with all students, especially those with special needs.

Content is updated daily with new and revised articles and multimedia, keeping users informed and engaged. Britannica School content supports every subject, making it easy for teachers in social studies, mathematics, language arts, technology, science, and the arts to coordinate and collaborate on lessons. It builds essential information literacy skills. By enabling both teachers and students to store all their information in one place, Britannica School is also an excellent tool for time management.

With tools like Britannica School, teachers are finding it easier to utilize the vast digital resources available to them. Librarians are reinventing their roles to assist teachers in this task, strengthening the partnership between them. Students like the hands-on approach to learning using technology tools. I highly recommend Britannica School. Highly Recommended

Reviewer: Sally Finley is an educational consultant based in Coral Springs, Fla. Her email address is

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