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By Sally Finley - Posted Jan 27, 2014
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Company: Blendspace, 363 N. Rengstorff Ave. #14, Mountain View, CA 94043; (213) 260-0373; email:; website: (formerly

Price: Free teacher and school accounts offer unlimited classes, up to 35 students per class. The user can create up to 100 active lessons. Blendspace Premium offers basic services as well as Google Docs-style collaboration, voice comments, premium features for students, private webinar training, and priority email and phone support. School quotes are available at (213) 260-0373.

Audience: K–12

Format: Blendspace works on any computer, iPad, or tablet. Sharing is available with the Twitter and Facebook communities at

Minimum System Requirements: Blendspace requires an internet-enabled computer or laptop, an Android tablet, or an iPad complete with browser.


Overall Rating:5 Stars
Ease of Use:A
Product Support:A


Description: Blendspace is a tool that allows the user to employ videos, images, plain text, and URLs in creating multimedia presentations.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: Access is quick and easy. Educators sign up as a teacher and can begin creating a lesson immediately. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: Self-paced lessons can be created for a flipped classroom. Quizzes take seconds to make and are instantly and automatically graded with a detailed report. Lesson tracking shows how students are progressing.

Each educator has his or her own space to showcase work. When looking at someone else’s canvases, the author’s name is given as well as other canvases he or she has created or liked. Project-based learning promotes research and showcasing of student work.

Lessons can be personalized for differentiated instruction. The teacher can track which students have viewed a canvas. Students are able to tell the teacher privately which parts of the lesson are confusing or which ones they liked best. Clicking the Track button lets the teacher see any report.

A free Edcanvas Chrome Webstore app allows simple-click sign-in on Google Chrome.

Featured canvases provide a way for teachers to share how they are using Edcanvas.

Features include text for opening questions or objectives, a description for notes to support each resource, and a gallery to view canvases created by other teachers. Themes can add colors to user canvases. Links, tables, quotes, and other objects can be added. Audio clips can be added anywhere in a canvas.

Multimedia resources can be added using drag and drop from Google Drive and Dropbox. A bookmarking tool makes it easy to send websites and videos to Blendspace without leaving the page.

Edcanvas Premium permits co-authoring canvases in real time, adds voice on top of resources, and assures top-level support from the Edcanvas team. Students get the same collaboration and audio-recording features as the teacher. Content/Features Rating: A

Ease of Use: Blendspace is easy to use. Videos and tutorials are available to demonstrate the many features of the program. Ease of Use Rating: A

Product Support: A variety of options provide product support. A help desk provides chat and email support. Product tips are offered in a question/answer format. Product Support Rating: A

Recommendation: Blendspace is an excellent tool to organize research. It’s fun, easy, and visually appealing. The user creates a canvas that offers a series of tiles. Inside each tile is an image, text, video clip, or resource, either original or from the internet. My first canvas took less than 10 minutes to complete. Using the program tools, I added content to my state symbols canvas for a fourth grade class. The finished project showed the state bird, tree, song, flag, map, top 10 roller coasters in the state, and a documentary on a major highway. What a fun way to learn about a state! Auditory learners will benefit from the readout
material. Students can add their own voices to express an opinion. I loved this site and highly recommend it to teachers. Highly Recommended.

Reviewer: Sally Finley is an educational consultant based in Coral Springs, Fla. Her email address is

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