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Leveraging Our Cutting Edge Library Tools and Resources

By Enid Davis - Posted Sep 1, 2004
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The future I glimpsed was one in which the school community, led by the librarians and the technology teachers, would leverage all our cutting-edge print and technology-based information resources. We would develop an information-literacy scope and sequence to span all grades, K through 12. A system, such as The Big6, would be adopted school-wide. We would get classroom teachers, librarians, and technology teachers to collaborate on various projects in grades K-12. Lastly, the weekly library curricula for grades K-4 would tie in more closely with classroom projects. In my vision, everyone was on board! Obviously, I did not invent the concepts that went into this scenario. What hit me that day was the realization that all this good stuff finally had the fabulous possibility of really happening.

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