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DATABASE NEWS: What's There, and What's Coming Up, in the World of K-12 Content­, Part 1

By Robert J. Congleton - Posted Mar 1, 2005
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If they aren't already in first place, electronic resources are quickly becoming the primary research tools used by educators and students in K-12 schools. Commercial vendors have long recognized this trend and, therefore, have introduced online versions of many of their paper products. In addition, vendors continue to release new online databases that cover a wider range of subjects. Often, these databases include suggested curriculum activities, study tools, and current events resources, creating packages that admirably complement the K-12 curriculum and enhance the overall classroom experience for teachers and students.

To give MMIS readers a baseline on K-12 database content and an idea of what's coming up, I recently spoke with representatives of a number of major vendors about the K-12 products they currently offer, as well as what's planned for release in the near future. The five covered here are ABC-CLIO Schools, EBSCO Publishing, ProQuest Information and Learning, Thomson Gale, and H.W. Wilson. But note that this article is listed as Part 1, as there are other resources to cover. Watch for Part 2 in an upcoming issue of MMIS.


This article is available in its entirety in a variety of formats — Preview, Full Text, Text+Graphics, and Page Image PDF — on a pay-per-view basis, courtesy of ITI's InfoCentral. CLICK HERE.

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