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A LOOK AT ... Web-Based Assessment

By Charles G. Doe - Posted May 1, 2005
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Assessment, whether formal or informal, is at the heart of nearly every educational activity. Teachers assess to get an idea of where to start and what has been accomplished. Sometimes assessment is done with a few oral questions, a short written quiz, or longer, teacher-created tests. At other times, more formal methods are used, such as standardized tests for standards-based assessments or college entrance and placement exams. Always an important part of education, testing has become even more important today.

Expanding educational (and other) assessments and the explosive growth of computer and Internet technologies have produced an ever-increasing number of online assessment tools for nearly any imaginable purpose. Formal assessments, including standardized tests, and more informal assessments, such as those used by classroom teachers, are included in this boom. Many of these assessments can be, and often are, used as pre-tests, worksheets, or other educational activities.


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