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Think Like an Egyptian

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Oct 1, 2013
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For October 1, 2013: Presented by the Franklin Institute and sponsored by Mellon, the Think Like an Egyptian site includes many resources for the teaching of science while studying Ancient Egypt. There is a guide for educators that takes in the Tutankhamen exhibit and provides k-12 science connections that correlate to the National Science Foundation Standards.  The k-4 science activities provide hands on science for simple machines, hieroglyphics, and water.  Many simple machines were used in building the pyramids and students are provided with directions for creating their own simple machines.  The science of hieroglyphics involves encoding and decoding ancient writing.  Use the code to create and translate Egyptian writing.  Determine your use of water while following the activity booklet's suggestions for water conservation. Grades 5-8 and 9-12 include additional topics along with age appropriate experiments.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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