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Newton's Castle

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Nov 1, 2005
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For November 1, 2005: Explore Newton's Castle, a "stimulating journey into the revelations of Sir Isaac Newton," <> where you can learn about his discoveries … and secret life! Learn about color and optical illusions, and discover how observations from nature can be misleading. Did you know that cars can roll up hill? Do you know why dogs chase cars? (Did they have cars in Newton's day??) In Newton's Castle you can find out how and why.

There are also several TIPS (Teaching Interdisciplinary Problem Solving) lessons included regarding censorship, intellectual freedom, and copyright that help students explore the interplay between these concepts and the expression of genius by people such as Sir Isaac.

This site was created and is maintained through a collaboration between students in New York and England, with coaching from their computer graphic teacher and others.

Fly over to Cyberbee for more great Web sites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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