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By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Sep 15, 2012
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For September 15, 2012: If you are looking for a course or learning management system for your school, consider this free open source tool called Moodle. It is relatively easy to set up on your server. I installed it on one of my Cyberbee domains over a weekend to see how difficult it would be get it up and running. It was a snap, so your IT team should have no problem. Basically you have an empty shell that needs your content.

Here is an example of how an elementary science teacher used Moodle with her classes: She posted all of her lessons throughout the school year. While students were studying land forms, there were images of them on her Moodle site that students could review at home. When they learned about electricity, videos were a click away. She also posted lots of photographs of her students engaged in investigations such as creating electrical circuits, banding trees for a Smithsonian project, and experimenting with a stream table. The students were so excited about their learning that they had their parents looking at the site as well. This use of Moodle is considered a blended method. You can also add discussion groups, create quizzes, and import commercially designed courses.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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