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Energy Star Kids

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Dec 1, 2013
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For December 1, 2013: Be an energy star by discovering how to become more energy efficient throught the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star Kids website.  Learn what energy is, where it comes from, the different types of energy, the consequences of using energy, and saving energy.  The photographs depicting the warming climate are powerful and suggest ways to make a difference.  Click on items in a room and find out how to be a smart energy consumer.   The word bank offers a comprehensive vocabulary. Join the Lorax to play energy related games. Factoids provide the why's, where's, how's, and who's of energy. Learn how you can make a difference in conserving energy by exploring this compelling site.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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