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Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Feb 1, 2010
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For February 1, 2010: Want to create a list of high-quality children's literature or find out if a book has won an award? Search librarian Lisa Bartle's Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature, a database of over 7,000 records  from 84 awards across six English-speaking countries. The records were created and compiled by a librarian for teachers and librarians intervening for a child-reader. Instructions include how to search the collection by a variety of methods, from the age of the reader to the award received. Once the search is completed the record contains the author, title, a brief annotation, the award(s) received, year of publication, and whether it is a chapter or picture book. Missing, unfortunately, are the publisher and ISBN number. Also included on the site are an explanation of each award and a calendar of when the awards are announced. This is a handy tool for locating age-appropriate books that have won outstanding accolades.

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