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Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention Broadsides

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Sep 1, 2010
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For September 1, 2010: Constitution Day is September 17, and the Library of Congress provides an excellent resource for teachers through its Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention web page that will enhance the study of the Constitution. In a special presentation from the Constitutional Convention Broadsides collection, students will learn about the process by which the constitution was drafted and revised. From the abandonment of the Articles of Confederation to the penning of a final version of the U.S. Constitution, students will recognize that it was no easy task to ratify this new form of government. Drafts were kept secret, amendments were presented, and fierce debates ensued.

This compelling information is highlighted with documents, images, and short biographical sketches. Click on Collection Connection to view suggestions on how this collection might fit into a lesson on persuasive writing or creating a broadside. A wealth of search strategies will guide the high school student deeper into critically thinking about the impact broadsides had on the population during that time period. Rounding out the presentation are timelines of the American Revolution.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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