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A Prairie Field Trip

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Jun 15, 2011
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For June 15, 2011: Do you have a prairie remnant in your state? If so, this would make a great fall field trip. You may be surprised to know that prairies are a native ecosystem to Ohio. For background to your field trip, learn about the prairie regions of Ohio, native plants, and Making a Prairie Garden from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Ohio Prairies website. Maps provide an overview of the prairie land prior to European settlement. If you are looking for large close-up photographs of prairie species, view selected Ohio prairie species with over 30 breathtaking shots of flowers, from blazing-star to queen-of-the-prairie. Be sure to print Making a Prairie Garden to use as a resource in your classroom. This handy guide includes an introduction to prairie gardening, choosing the site, planning, collecting seeds, planting, and maintaining the garden. Another helpful feature is the list of companies where you can purchase seeds.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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