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THE PIPELINE: Tricks for Kids and Information Literacy

By Stephen Abram - Posted May 1, 2009
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As I write this column a school librarian, Stephanie Rosalia, is on the front page of The New York Times. Yes, THAT New York Times! How awesome is that! Here’s an excerpt:

The Future of Reading, "In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update" by Motoko Rich. Published Feb. 15, 2009 (

It was the "aha!" moment that [librarian] Stephanie Rosalia was hoping for.

A group of fifth graders huddled around laptop computers in the school library overseen by Ms. Rosalia and scanned, a Web site that, unbeknownst to the children, was intentionally peppered with false facts.

Ms. Rosalia, the school librarian at Public School 225, a combined elementary and middle school in Brighton Beach, Brook­lyn, urged caution. "Don’t answer your questions with the first piece of information that you find," she warned.

It’s just wonderful to have the great work of school librarians profiled in the newspaper—especially a big one that has a big presence on the web—as well as seeing this article blogged relentlessly and posted to discussion lists. This is truly bulletin board worthy.

And, if you haven’t already, you’ve also got to watch the video associated with this story on The New York Times website:

• "The 21st-Century Librarian," Video Library, The New York Times: Published Feb. 19, 2009.

"School librarians like Stephanie Rosalia have transformed into multi-faceted information specialists who guide students through the flood of digital information that confronts them on a daily basis."

My only quibble is that the video says that Rosalia isn’t your typical school librarian. I hope that she is and that everyone strives to make a difference just like her!

So I thought I might list a few tricky sites like the one that Rosalia uses for her kids. I am sure you all know and have your favorites, but I did have some fun looking at these:

Rosalia’s Choice Site


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