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THE PIPELINE: Talking Tech With Leaders: Getting Buy-In and Understanding

By Stephen Abram - Posted Jan 1, 2009
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How well are you faring with getting your technology agenda endorsed and funded by your management team or district? Is everything going swimmingly? No one is trying to block useful applications such as YouTube or blogging? Your filters aren’t obstructing useful teaching technologies? Is there a conversation gulf between your IT group, your district teachers, and library folk? Or not? From my conversations with many K–12 folks, I hazard a guess that this is the management challenge of our times.

How is technology having an impact in the whole school? How are your technology strategies, frameworks, and infrastructures having a positive impact on how learners succeed? Are they empowered to do their homework successfully? What’s your environment like? Can you say with confidence that technology seamlessly bridges the school-to-home gap and enhances the education and learning strategies in your school?

This is an important part of our strategy. I thought I’d devote this month’s column to tactics and strategies for talking about tech with management—those key stakeholders, such as principals, board members, trustees, administrators, and even parents.

Some Key Principles for Talking to Management:

1. Management has very little so-called "spare" time—just like you.

2. Management cannot easily make time to read a long report, absorb the key points, and make the connections to overall priorities and strategies.

3. Management often has different communication and learning styles than those that are found in teachers, librarians, and systems folk.

Some Key Tactics


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