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THE PIPELINE: Getting Everyone Up-to-Speed

By Stephen Abram - Posted Sep 1, 2010
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In this month’s column, I thought I would show you some great initiatives, lead by librarians and educators, that attempt to help bring everyone up-to-date and up-to-speed on the latest in learning technologies and even create learning experiences for these technologies and concepts. It is clearly one thing to plan to develop 21st-century learning strategies and goals, but another thing—a big leap, in fact—to demand that all teachers, students, librarians, and administrators be prepared with the skills needed to implement this vision!

And that is what I find exciting about these efforts: They’re not just for librarians. They can be used by teachers of any stripe, subject, or experience level, as well as by administrators such as principals and superintendents. The courageous could also involve their local public libraries to orient them to some of the issues involved in modern 21st-century curricula delivery. I can even see a role for using these concepts as orientations for parents, tutors, and caregivers to assist with homework and learner support. These programs can be customized to fit your ILS and licensed databases as well as the initiatives being undertaken in your strategic priorities. You can align the training with the state’s or school board’s agenda.

Does that capture your interest? I should mention that these things are not easy to accomplish and that these pilots are the result of much effort and vision, plus the support of great leaders in our profession. The good news is that you can use them as a model and get a great head start!

INFOhio’s 21st-Century Program


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