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THE MEDIA CENTER: Digital Cameras--Management Hassles, Curriculum Possibilities

By Mary Alice Anderson - Posted Jul 1, 2007
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Cables, adapters, and memory cards disappear; batteries run low at inopportune times; and busy teachers quickly borrow a camera from another classroom "just for a second" to take advantage of a photo opp. Digital photographers excited about creating photo-filled classroom Web pages come to work sessions with a camera incompatible with the computer’s software or without the necessary connecting cable. It seems that no technology has caused more management hassles than digital cameras.

The problems are a natural result of human forgetfulness, busy schedules, and never-ending technological change. Equally frustrating is the "just shoot and print" approach. It’s disappointing to see tools with great potential to enhance curriculum and to communicate with families used only to fill classroom bulletin boards while a small fortune goes into color printing. While well intended and a nice touch for the classroom, such an approach does not take advantage of the camera’s potential as a curricular tool.

Management Hassles

Management hassles can be eased with a few simple precautions. Here are some tips and techniques:


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