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EDITOR'S NOTES: Year Two of New Content, New Conferences ... and More

By David Hoffman - Posted Jan 1, 2005
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Greetings­and welcome to the first "year 2" issue of MultiMedia & Internet@Schools. As I write, I've recently returned from the second school media and technology specialist conference I organized--Internet@Schools West 2004, which took place in November in Monterey, Calif. I'm pleased to note that, according to reader and conference attendee feedback, we seem to have struck a chord in 2004, "year 1," with our first six issues of MMIS and our March (Washington, D.C.) and November Internet@Schools conferences.

As I said a year ago in this space, the aim of both the revamped and renamed magazine and conferences is to keep LMSs and technology specialists current in the use of technology in the service of learning ... and, especially in the pages of the magazine, to focus on Internet- and technology-based products, services, and resources. I hope you'll agree that new feature stories such as Charlie Doe's "A Look At ... " series (this month covering subscription Web sites, on pp. 8­-12), new product-highlighting features such as managing editor Kathie Felix's "In the Spotlight" stories, and new columns such as Trevor Shaw's chronicle of his school's technology integration initiative, Learning Unleashed!, have contributed to that goal.

We've also worked to build the connection between the magazine and the conferences. This month's feature by Paul Barron, "Link Checking--A Path to Quality Web Sites" on pp. 16­-19, is a case in point. Paul was well-received last year when he covered advanced Web searching strategies at Internet@Schools East, and he'll be back in Washington, D.C., to delve deeper into link checking this March. In addition, November/December 2004 feature authors Robert Lackie and Robert Congelton will be presenting updated information on free and fee-based online science resources for K-12. Check out the I@SE program online at If you can, join us!

To start off the year with a look forward, we've got a trends piece by Pam Nutt, "Trends in the LMC: What School Librarians Can Expect ... And Aim For," on pp. 24­-26, while Stephen Abram sets additional forward-looking goals in his Pipeline column with "The Top Five Priorities for School Libraries and Their Districts," starting on page 20. And, looking toward the NCLB mandate regarding technology literacy and standards, we have a story by Ann Boyle, "A Formula for Successful Technology Integration Must Include Curriculum" on pp. 30­-32, that speaks to that looming requirement and vital component of students' education.

One more new thing: We plan soon to launch an e-newsletter to keep you more informed on products, services, and issues of importance in a more current fashion. Watch the MMIS Web site,, for details.

David Hoffman, Editor

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