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EDITOR'S NOTES: The Need to Know, or to Be Able to Find Out

By David Hoffman - Posted Sep 1, 2015
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As school starts again, we continue to marvel at the broadening scope of … everything! In our ed-tech context in particular, though, we’re thinking of a couple of things. For one, the broadening scope of what your students need to know, or, perhaps more accurately, what your students need to be able to find out. And for another, the broadening scope of fabulous resources there are out there for you to help them learn what they need to know and be able to find out. After all, knowledge gained through scientific discovery is both shrinking our world and expanding our universe!

This is essentially Victor Rivero’s takeoff point for this month’s Tools for Learning feature. If we are to deal with and preserve our finite world while 
furthering our understanding of our place in it and, for that matter, in the universe, he states: “[I]t may be a good idea to get our own house in order, to 
become fluent in what has been and is currently going on here on Earth, and to explore some tools for tapping into what we researchers, teachers, and 
students like to call the Worldwide Classroom.” And with that, Victor serves up another Tools for Learning list of “tools, ways, and means for your students to reach out …!” See his feature, Global Outreach 2015: Tools for Tapping Into the Worldwide Classroom (page 4).

Need more? Our reviewers have sought out worldwide classroom-oriented services specifically suited to this issue’s theme. Sally Finley takes a look at iEARN, a nonprofit global network that enables teaches and youth to use the internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects worldwide. And Charlie Doe reviews ePals Global Classroom, Clubhouse, and SchoolMail365 and how to connect with the entire ePals global community. Check out our reviews, starting on page 14.

David Hoffman, editor

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