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EDITOR'S NOTES: Search, Research, and Digital Literacy–The Ed Beat Goes On

By David Hoffman - Posted Nov 1, 2014
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This final 2014 issue of Internet@Schools has as its editorial focus one of our longtime, oft recurring favorites as we have planned K–12 ed tech coverage for the magazine and website over the years–research! After all, today more than ever, it’s not about teaching/learning a body of facts, or even imparting a more sophisticated body of knowledge. There’s too much out there to just “know.” Instead, it’s about knowing how to find what you need to know, and about embracing and using that skill in school and work and on through life. We think teaching “finding” skills is about as important a task as there is in K–12 education today.

So this month, contributing editor/writer Victor Rivero has scoured the techsphere for new (plus some old favorites) research-oriented sources and resources, providing “a mixed bag of some useful tools for learning in the area of search, research, and discovery for life and learning.” New (to us, anyway)? Read about Citelighter, Mendeley, Researchgate, and more. Old favorites? ProQuest, Wikipedia (yeah, we’d put Wikipedia in that category now), NoodleTools, EasyBib, and more. See Victor’s Tools for Learning feature, Search, Research, and Discovery in Life and Learning (page 6).

This month’s columnists are also on board with the issue topic, having complemented the research focus in their pieces. Mary Alice Anderson
discusses using primary sources in her New Media Center column (Primary Sources: Enriching the Study of Historical Fiction, page 10). And in Belltones, Mary Ann Bell takes up yet again the counterproductive aspects of internet filtering, which she feels can handicap research (Trumpeting About Internet Filtering, page 12).

Looking ahead to 2015, we’ve got the following topics in our sights for the five upcoming issues:

Today’s Digital Student

* BYOD Revisited

* Common Core State Standards and Assessment

* Global Outreach 2015

* Managing It All–Education Management Systems


See you next year.


David Hoffmaneditor

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