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EDITOR'S NOTES: Ramping Up Student Research

By David Hoffman - Posted Sep 1, 2004
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And welcome back to school after a summer of relaxation and, no doubt, some serious planning for the upcoming year. For help in that process, I hope some of you had a chance early in the summer to travel to one of the two megashows that cover educational and library technology, NECC and ALA, to gather new ideas, learn about new technologies and content, and generally mix it up with your professional colleagues.

In between attending those shows, we were busy soliciting proposals and putting together the program for our own, more-intimate K-12 education and library technology conference, Internet@Schools West. It will take place in Monterey, California, November 15 and 16 and feature a keynote on the latest in the online research environment as well as tracks and sessions on new Web resources, getting everyone using your media center, coping with technology and its fallout, and ramping up research skills. Take a look at the preliminary program on pp 38-39 (and at and think about joining us. You'll get a technology "infoboost" that will inspire you and serve you well back at your school or media center.

While I'm on the subject of conferences, note that by the time you read this, we'll also be working on the program for the March 2005 sister conference to I@SW, Internet@Schools East in Washington, DC. So if you've got an idea for a presentation, submit it! You can get to the Web submission form from

As for this issue of MultiMedia & Internet@Schools, we've chosen to launch you into the new school year with several articles geared toward research. Craig Odle's cover story, "Individualizing the Research Process in an Online Environment " (page 10), documents a successful, adaptable, and "self-adjusting" program he and his colleagues have created to help students at all levels do an effective job in researching topics of their choosing. Charles Doe offers a self-explanatory "Look At ... Web-Based Databases and Search Tools" (page 13). And Enid Davis describes a major effort at her school to get LMC staff, teachers, and students integrating library resources and technology into virtually all educational activities in "Leveraging Our Cutting-Edge Library Tools and Resources" (page 25).

There's a feature on online math curriculum and assessment products in the issue as well, written by "Integrating Technology" columnist Rob Reilly ... who, I'm sorry to say, has informed me that this will have to be his last story for the magazine. Rob's teaching duties and work with the MIT Media Lab have claimed ever more time. We'll miss him.

David Hoffman, Editor


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