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EDITOR'S NOTES: Purveyor of Delight, Dr. Mary Ann Bell

By David Hoffman - Posted Nov 1, 2016
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There’s a big hole in the lineup of editorial material for this issue of Internet@Schools, I’m sorry to say. Missing from the columns slated for November/December is the piece Mary Ann Bell was working on for Belltones, a forum she has used for years at this magazine to inform, advocate, advise, proselytize, “humorize,” and otherwise “ize” on behalf of school librarians, schoolteachers, and their joint charges—the kids in our K–12 education system nationwide.

In its place, under the Belltones column banner, is a wonderful tribute to and appreciation of Mary Ann, who passed away unexpectedly early in September. Her colleague, fellow Texas librarian, and fellow Internet@Schools columnist Carolyn Foote wrote it for us. Carolyn celebrates Mary Ann’s spirit, intelligence, humor, and sense of community and advocacy while evoking the feelings of love and loss so many who knew her, were taught by her, or even just read her published or posted work will now be experiencing.

For my part, I too will miss my friend and colleague. Here’s hoping there will continue to be others in the field of librarianship who believe in, and could write a column about, bringing joy and delight to education. As Mary Ann wrote in her September/October 2015 column, “Librarians need to be seeking ways to bring joy, delight, and good old-fashioned fun to our students and colleagues.” Mary Ann certainly did. Please have a look at Carolyn’s tribute, “In Memoriam: Dr. Mary Ann Bell,” starting on page 10. Thanks! And enjoy any and all of Mary Ann’s Belltones columns at


David Hoffman, editor

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