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EDITOR'S NOTES: LMS--It Stands for Learning Management System

By David Hoffman - Posted Jan 1, 2012
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In the past, we at Internet@Schools have been all about library media specialists, the LMSs of K–12 learning environments. And we still are. But now we’re about more than that. We’ve broadened our sights to cover topics of interest not only to library media specialists but to all technology-focused educators, including classroom teachers, school IT folks, curriculum planners, administrators, and more. So this issue, with its considerable content on learning platforms, is about a different LMS—the learning management system.

A learning management system, as Victor Rivero notes in the introduction to his Tools for Learning feature this month, is the Holy Grail of education: an online system to manage it all. There’s a little bit of everything in an LMS environment, spanning content, tools, and more.

Victor’s feature rounds it all up, with coverage of offerings that include content, courses, instruction, assessment, evaluation, reporting, school websites, gradebooks, professional development for teachers, communication to parents, collaborative and social networking tools, blended and adaptive courses, and so on. Check page 8 to read Tools for Learning: How to Manage All That Learning.

And Stephen Abram continues this inquiry into the fast-growing phenomenon of learning management environments with another of his probing, question-posing pieces on what the future holds for elearning. Says Abram: “There are huge opportunities to improve the learning experience with elearning. As these learning management systems improve and evolve, we’re discovering how to implement them at all levels of education (K–12 through vocational schools, colleges, and universities) and into the workplace.” See his Pipeline column, Elearning and Libraries: Critical Questions Librarians Need to Ask, beginning on page 19.

Then see our January/February Product Reviews section, beginning on page 29, which rounds out coverage of the LMS.

Elsewhere in the issue, in the “It is about the technology” department, Carolyn Foote chronicles her school’s efforts not just to implement an iPad program but to carefully assess and analyze it in an ongoing manner—its impacts on the classroom, on the school library, and more. Find out how they’re doing, where they started, and where they’re headed in Learning Together: The Evolution of a 1:1 iPad Program on page 14.

Enjoy, and learn!

David Hoffman , editor

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