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EDITOR'S NOTES: It’s 2016. Do You Know Where Your Students Are?

By David Hoffman - Posted Jan 1, 2016
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Whatever your answer is to the question posed by the above title, ours is “We do!” Your students are online on their iPhones, Android phones, other smartphones, iPads, tablets, wearable tech devices, etc., etc., connected to each other, to the world of knowledge, and potentially to you and your school’s educational resources. It’s the digital shift!!

That’s why we’re starting off the year with an issue theme of Virtualizing the School Library. Many of you have gone this route already, as your schools and districts move into the world of 1:1 computing or BYOD. And no doubt, you’ve both struggled a lot and learned a lot. Others among you may be just beginning to fully “virtualize” or may still be waiting for “the right moment.” (Would that have something to do with a reluctant school administration? Or worried parents?)

Well, wherever you are on the path to making all your learning resources available 24/7, globally, for your digitally shifted students, this issue’s feature has something for you. Writer and school librarian Brenda Boyer has laid out an excellent, comprehensive blueprint to “establish and maintain a vibrant online environment and to discover what shifts in resources, instruction, and services need to be made to hit this target.” See Meet Your Learners Where They Are: Virtualizing the School Library on page 4.

This Issue’s Columnists

This time, we’re bringing you Mary Alice Anderson’s New Media Center and Mary Ann Bell’s Belltones.

Mary Alice, ever a lover of Library of Congress resources, looks at another resource set: the Digital Public Library of America. See her discussion of DPLA’s new Primary Source Sets, plus the revamped Ben’s Guide, in Resources for the New Media Specialist on page 7.

And Mary Ann is back on her soapbox about internet filtering, as usual, in a very thoughtful and informed fashion. This time, she considers filtering with regard to diversity—“especially relating to race, religion, and GLBT issues.” Read what she has to say in Back on My Bandbox: Internet Filtering and Diversity on page 9.

David Hoffman, Editor

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