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EDITOR'S NOTES: Inside This Issue, and Coming Up in Arlington

By David Hoffman - Posted Jan 1, 2010
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In this, our first 2010 issue of Multimedia & Internet@Schools, we’d like to introduce a new feature series, Tools for Learning. Throughout the year, our Tools for Learning writers will be focusing on the companies that serve our readers’ need in categories such as assessment (for this January/February issue); safety, security, and access; electronic textbooks; and more. Through the series, we intend to reach out not only to those of you who are front-line educators but to those filling school, district, and state administrative roles as well … to help all of you make the vital decisions that impact the direction of your schools’ educational efforts. Check out Victor Rivero’s first Tools for Learning feature, Tools for Learning: Assessment Tools, on page 13.

In addition, in our cover story this month, Richard Mellott discusses the benefits, and the reasonable cost, of interactive videoconferencing in his feature Beaming the World Into Our Schools: Getting Into Interactive Videoconferencing (p. 8). Richard, who a couple of years ago had never done videoconferencing, has been bitten by the bug! Now, with his and others’ help, “using readily available technological tools, without a lot of investment or training, students and teachers [at his schools and around the country] are videoconferencing with professionals, enriching the curriculum, and making connections with practitioners in many fields.” Read all about it, then follow the provided references and links to learn even more.

Following Richard’s lead, Johanna Riddle also touts benefits and reasonable costs, in this case for podcasting, in her Tech Effect column Podcasting in the Classroom: A Sound Success (p. 23). And Charlie Doe’s A Look At… roundup this month focuses on interactive whiteboards.

There’s more, of course, but as usual in the January/February Editor’s Notes, I want to preview for you what we have planned for our Spring 2010 Internet@Schools East conference. It’ll be held April 12–13 in Arlington, Va., in conjunction with Computers in Libraries 2010, and it’s shaping up very well. In addition to sharing the Computers in Libraries keynotes, we’ll be featuring K–12-focused sessions by such speakers as Buffy Hamilton, PBS TeacherLine Capstone program manager Nadyne Hick, Partnership for 21st Century Learning strategic council member David Schroeter, Library of Congress educational resources specialist Cheryl Lederle-Ensign, ResourceShelf publisher Gary Price, and more!

By the time you read this, the preliminary program will be available from the conference website, so take a look … and sign up to come … and bring some colleagues along at the group discount!

David Hoffman, editor

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