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EDITOR'S NOTES: Flipped Learning, Political Literacy, and #FutureReadyLibraries!

By David Hoffman - Posted Sep 1, 2016
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"Flipped learning” has definitely moved from the realm of new educational fad to tried-and- true-with-research-results-to-prove-it educational strategy. It is increasingly finding footing in our schools, being adapted to a range of curricular areas, and generally being refined and improved by educators across the nation.

Given that, we asked Tools for Learning contributing editor Victor Rivero to create a piece for this issue that looks both back and forward at flipped learning, to bring readers up-to-date and up-to-speed on the concept. To do that, Victor spoke with several educator-authors who have, over the years, nailed down some best practices and excellent technologies both for delivering content before class time and then “working” that content with students during class time. These include the founders of the Flipped Learning Network, the online learning company SolidProfessor, and the creator of the Flipped History Videos YouTube Channel, all offering solid resources in the Tools for Learning vein. Read Victor’s Flipping Forward feature (page 4) to grab the keys to flipping learning and “five ways to begin flipping your classroom.”

Our columnists for the month are Stephen Abram and Carolyn Foote. Stephen was understandably already heavy into our American election season when he wrote his Pipeline column during the summer, because, as he wrote, “In today’s political environment there is a fog of information. It tests everyone—adult and young adult alike—and our critical-thinking skills. Separating fact from opinion is hard enough. Combine that with public opinion polls, massive quoting of ‘statistics,’ personal stories that elucidate and obfuscate, and everyone is overwhelmed by data and information and spin-doctoring run amok.” Enter librarians, he says, to save the world. Well, he didn’t say that, but he knows you all can help. In Political Literacy Can Be Learned! (page 8), he offers insights into how.

And Carolyn this month touches on the Department of Education Office of Ed Tech’s Future Ready Librarians Initiative. Ever out front in promoting leadership among school librarians, she devotes her Idea Watch column to Getting on Board With the DOE’s Future Ready Initiative (page 12).

David Hoffman, editor

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