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EDITOR'S NOTES: Fall Planning and Summer Reading

By David Hoffman - Posted Jul 1, 2008
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It’s summer. But don’t relax … at least, not too much! It’s never too early to plan professional development or conference activities, given the time and "to do" pressures you’ll feel once school starts. In fact, we hope it’s not too late for you to look into attending fall conferences, because we’ve just finalized the program for Internet at Schools 2008, which will happen Oct. 20–21 in Monterey, Calif., along with the Internet Librarian conference. Here are a few highlights:

Howard Rheingold, the always forward-thinking cyberguru, touted as promoting Futurism with a Human Touch, will be the keynote speaker for both Internet Librarian and Internet@Schools.

Professor Mary Ann Bell will be back with another animated presentation, this time titled I Want My Web 2.0! Dealing With "Blockage" at Your School.

We’ll have an entire afternoon devoted to the concept of "The Collaborative Librarian," including presentations by Martha Rossi and’s Nick Glass (Sharing Those Resources: It’s All About Access and Integration), plus conference co-chair Susan Geiger and Carolyn Foote (Empower Yourself With a Personal Learning Network).

There will be sessions in the 21st Century Skills realm on Second Life for Schools, Online Role-Playing Games …, and Teen Mashups at the Library.

Another futurist of sorts, SirsiDynix’s Stephen Abram will explore 10 Technologies For Whole School Adoption in his usual energetic fashion.

By the time you receive this issue of Multimedia & Internet@Schools, the entire advance program should be available online for you to peruse. Link to it from

Back to Your Summer

OK, now go ahead and relax. Sit back and read our summer issue of MMIS.

In this issue, Adobe’s Bob Regan writes on Why We Need to Teach 21st Century Skills—And How to Do It (p. 10), picking up on the skills list developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and moving on from there.

Then Kelly Czarnecki weighs in with Part 1 of a two-part article on virtual worlds as they are being effectively applied in school settings: Virtual Environments and K–12 Education: A Tour of the Possibilities (p. 14).

Cybersafety education promoter Art Wolinsky offers some historical perspective and context on internet safety and technology integration, with, ultimately, an optimistic view and a plan for success in both areas, in We Can Get There From Here—Realizing Educational Technology’s Potential in the Face of Internet Safety Issues (p. 26).

And Charles Doe’s roundup takes A Look At … Virtual Science in the Digital Age (p. 31).

There’s more, of course, from our columnists and reviewers. Relax. Enjoy.

David Hoffman , editor

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