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EDITOR'S NOTES: Digital Citizenship, and a Melding of the Pubs

By David Hoffman - Posted Jan 27, 2014
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The issue theme this month is digital citizenship, an increasingly vital subject in the intricately interconnected world we and our students live in.

But first …

Internet@Schools in 2014!

As I mentioned in this space last time, we have decided to package the print edition of Internet@Schools with Information Today, Inc.’s Computers in Libraries magazine starting with the current issue. This means that all Internet@Schools subscribers will be receiving the five 2014 issues of Internet@Schools—publishing in January/February, March/April, May/June, September/October, and November/December—poly bagged together with Computers in Libraries, and they will receive the additional five 2014 issues of Computers in Libraries in Internet@Schools “off” months. So that’s 15 magazines in place of five.

OK, this is in part to make up for the fact that Internet@Schools is a little smaller now, but the whole package is decidedly bigger and better: While Internet@Schools focuses on educators in the K–12 ed tech and library world and Computers in Libraries on technologists, educators, and librarians in the public, higher education, special, and corporate library worlds, we’ve sensed a convergence of interests among all those “worlds,” particularly centering on the word “education.” We’re sure you’ll find the contents of Computers in Libraries to be of added interest and added value for this very reason.

So enjoy your Internet@Schools magazines this year, along with your complimentary copies of Computers in Libraries.

Digital Citizenship in 2014

And now back to the issue at hand: We charged Tools for Learning writer Victor Rivero this month with the task of summing up the concepts of digital citizenship and digital civics—what they comprise and why they’re important (self-evident though that may seem)—and to provide you with a collection of resources and ideas that will help you address the subject in your particular educational setting, wherever it may be. Check out Teaching and Learning the Ways of Our Brave New Digital World (page 6).

Read Victor’s feature, plus two of our regular columnists (the others will appear next time), and reviews in this first poly bagged 2014 issue of Internet@Schools.


David Hoffmaneditor

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